First Post

Hi, my name is Tony and I have a problem. This is not the first website I've started. It's not even the second. I've had some kind of online presence since my freshman year of college in 1997.

The last two sites were "tech blogs". I wrote and posted various Mac and Unix scripts that I had come up with and thought other people might find useful. The process of figuring out all of those little puzzles was fun. The problem is that I constantly had to be thinking about problems to solve if I wanted to "keep the content fresh". It became a burden and totally sucked the enjoyment out of it. I'm also not really a programmer so I was limited to the things I could manage to hack together.

On top of that, I've found my interest in fiddling with technology waning. Once upon a time I was the guy who would eagerly watch every Apple announcement with a gleam of excitement in his eye and then immediately buy whatever the new thing was. Maybe I'm getting old (or maturing, as they say), but I don't have that desire anymore. I still watch the Apple events, but I'm in no rush to head over to and place an order.

In short, I feel like I no longer have much, if anything, to contribute to The Tech Sphere.

So what am I doing here?

As my interest in technology has decreased, I've found my interest in analog tools has increased. Or rather, has been rekindled. I've always been a pen and paper kind of guy, even at the height of my digital obsession. But just like the world doesn't really need Yet Another Tech Blog, I'm not entirely convinced it needs Yet Another Pen Blog either. Other people are doing a great job with that already.

I'm going to try a slightly different approach. I like to jot things down. It could be a great quote I've come across or some random idea that pops into my head (like starting another new website, for example). As such, I'm on a quest for the perfect method and tools with which to do that. My hope is that this site will document that journey. There might be reviews and other Pen Bloggy type things along the way, but they'll probably be more the exception than the rule. I may even write about some digital tools too. I don't want to limit myself the way I have in the past.

Thanks for reading. [insert cheesy join-me-on-this-journey statement here.]