What's in My Bag

This seems like an appropriate place to start. I plan on writing more detailed posts about some of these, so I'll just give the highlights below. Headphones, cables, and other such doodads not shown/included.

In the interest of full disclosure, some of the links below are Amazon affiliate links. I only used them in cases where the item was not available elsewhere.

  1. The bag. I picked this up in a gift shop in Montserrat, Spain on my honeymoon in 2006. It's on the small side for a backpack, but still has a surprising amount of storage space. My attempts at finding any information on the manufacturer have been unsuccessful. Depending on how Christmas goes, this may get replaced by a Tom Bihn Synapse 19.
  2. iPad Mini with Retina Display. The 7" tablet really is the perfect form factor for me, especially since I mostly use it for reading. The case is a DODOcase Durables Sleeve in sage.
  3. Hobonichi Techo (English edition). I use this more as a logbook than a planner. Prior to this year I was using a Moleskine Daily Planner, but this is so much better. I keep it wrapped in a Kokuyo Systematic refillable notebook cover.
  4. A book. I almost always have a real, made-of-dead-trees book with me. Currently, it's Ralph Waldo Emerson's Essays and Lectures.
  5. Midori Traveler's Notebook. This is where I currently do most of my random note taking. I have a lot more to say about this so I'll just leave it at that for now.
  6. Paper for Fountain Pens Blank Book. Full of cream colored Tomoe River paper goodness, I use this unassuming book as a traditional journal.
  7. Nock Co Brasstown pen case in steel/mango. This is my most recent purchase from Nock and is by far my favorite. It holds so much stuff.

Carrying three different notebook-type things with me every day seems a bit exceessive, but none of them are overly large so it's not a huge burden. Still it could probably be simplified. One thing I've considered is using a Midori refill in the journal capacity once I fill the Paper for Fountain Pens book. I'm not even halfway through it so I think I have plenty of time to work that out.