It's Journal Day

Just a quick post for Journal Day to show you mine:


As I've mentioned, it's a Paper for Fountain Pens Tomoe River blank book with cream paper. I started journaling on October 30, 2013, stopped on January 16, 2014 and picked it back up again on July 15, 2014. Since July I've been pretty regular (must be all that paper fiber).

I've used all kinds of pen and ink combinations to write in it, but currently I'm using:

What's in My Bag

This seems like an appropriate place to start. I plan on writing more detailed posts about some of these, so I'll just give the highlights below. Headphones, cables, and other such doodads not shown/included.

In the interest of full disclosure, some of the links below are Amazon affiliate links. I only used them in cases where the item was not available elsewhere.

  1. The bag. I picked this up in a gift shop in Montserrat, Spain on my honeymoon in 2006. It's on the small side for a backpack, but still has a surprising amount of storage space. My attempts at finding any information on the manufacturer have been unsuccessful. Depending on how Christmas goes, this may get replaced by a Tom Bihn Synapse 19.
  2. iPad Mini with Retina Display. The 7" tablet really is the perfect form factor for me, especially since I mostly use it for reading. The case is a DODOcase Durables Sleeve in sage.
  3. Hobonichi Techo (English edition). I use this more as a logbook than a planner. Prior to this year I was using a Moleskine Daily Planner, but this is so much better. I keep it wrapped in a Kokuyo Systematic refillable notebook cover.
  4. A book. I almost always have a real, made-of-dead-trees book with me. Currently, it's Ralph Waldo Emerson's Essays and Lectures.
  5. Midori Traveler's Notebook. This is where I currently do most of my random note taking. I have a lot more to say about this so I'll just leave it at that for now.
  6. Paper for Fountain Pens Blank Book. Full of cream colored Tomoe River paper goodness, I use this unassuming book as a traditional journal.
  7. Nock Co Brasstown pen case in steel/mango. This is my most recent purchase from Nock and is by far my favorite. It holds so much stuff.

Carrying three different notebook-type things with me every day seems a bit exceessive, but none of them are overly large so it's not a huge burden. Still it could probably be simplified. One thing I've considered is using a Midori refill in the journal capacity once I fill the Paper for Fountain Pens book. I'm not even halfway through it so I think I have plenty of time to work that out.